Louis Glunz Beer held its annual Global Beer Expo early this week, and I was fortunate enough to attend and find out about some of the new things that the distributor and its portfolio of brewing companies are contributing to Chicago’s beer scene.

The expo, held at the Rosemont Convention Center, allows off-premise and on-premise retailers to do the same. Those attendees are often there for the new and the buzz-worthy, and this year that included Gigantic Brewing Co., Tieton Cider Works; both from Oregon and both new to our market; Chicago’s own Latin flavored 5 Rabbit Brewing; and Furthermore, the Wisconsin brewing company introduced to Chicago by Glunz just a few months ago.

Furthermore's Proper was introduced to the Chicago market to coincide with the Glunz World Beer Expo.

I did not have a chance to try Gigantic’s beers, in part because the booth drew a huge crown, but I look forward to doing so in the near future. I may also investigate any connection to the song by the Pixies. Tieton’s four ciders included a dry cider made only with cider apples, a semi-dry from a blend of cider and dessert apples, and apricot infused product, and a dry hopped cider made with just a touch of three American varieties. Four nice drinks, if you ask me.

5 Rabbit was sampling its year-round beers, and some extras including Missionario, a seasonal wheat beer made with muscat grapes and aldrich almonds, and retailers lined up to figure out which beers they would carry. Furthermore was pouring several beers, including its uncommon Oscura (a summer coffee lager) and the wonderfully traditional Brit-inspired Proper. Those two were rolled out here to coincide with the expo.

Distributors like Louis Glunz Beer have played a major role in the making Chicago a great place to drink beer. I, for one, am thankful for their efforts.

See link for pairing ideas for Proper.

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