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David | Blog | February, 13 2013 | 1 Comment

Hearing that another out-of-town brewery is elbowing up to the tap handles in Chicago beer bars is nothing new anymore, but this is one I have been anticipating for a couple of years.

I first tasted Furthermore Brewering Company’s Wisconsin-brewed beers back in 2010 and was impressed by what was in the bottle, and even by the graphics on the bottle. There is a nice company story to tell as well, too, so I told it here and paired one of the Furthermore beers with a couple of outstanding neighboring cheeses. Well, one of the pairings rated a perfect five stars, which is pretty rare.

That’s all great, but this week the buzz is about distributor Louis Glunz Beer introducing Furthermore’s American pale Knot Stock, and Belgian golden Fatty Boombalatty to the Chicago market, with more beers to follow. Initially the beers will be on draft only but six packs might follow.

“Furthermore Beer is very excited to be jumping on board with Louis Glunz and entering the Chicago Market,” says Joe Collins, a representative at Furthermore.  “We have had great feedback for years from the people crossing the border to get their Knot Stock fix or replenishing their Fatty Boombalatty stash.  Now that we are on board with Louis Glunz, it’s our turn to make the drive.”

Glunz is hosting a launch event from 6 to 10 pm tonight at High Dive in Ukranian Village.  Hope to see you there.

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