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Actually it’s a cheese.  One of the most celebrated seasonal cheeses is now available at a fine cheese retailer near you.

Rush Creek Reserve, from the legendary Uplands Cheese Co., Dodgeville, Wis., is a soft-ripened cheese similar to Camembert or brie, but about 20-times more luscious than those lackluster mass-produced pucks you will find in the supermarket.

We paired Rush Creek with a Chicago-area Brown Porter a couple of years ago when the cheese was first introduced. Please read that post for a complete, mouthwatering description.  I’m  going to pick up a wheel this week and maybe I’ll pair it with a couple other beers. Stay tuned.

A rich, silky cheese like this goes really well with malty beers. Think brown ale, porter, or a Belgian-style  Dubbel.  For you Chicago-area readers, I have already checked, and both Marion Street Cheese Market and the Pastoral stores have gotten first shipments. You may want to call ahead and have them reserve some for you, as they are selling out periodically. If you do not have a great cheese shop nearby, you can order directly from the Uplands Cheese website.

Bon appetite!

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