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Two women friends have recently turned me on to a couple of blogs written by women. Both are about food, but both offer much more. That might be somewhat reflective of the fact that they are written from a women’s perspective.

From Georgiecakes

Georgiecakes is written by the younger sister of a long-time friend who died of cancer a couple of years ago. I was heartbroken when Lisa passed away. She was a passionate member of the South Florida punk scene I was involved in many years ago. She went on to become a lawyer, a wife and a mother, and she was still a punk at heart. She continued to play in bands, and she remained a good friend to many from our old clique, and to new friends she made throughout her life. A close mutual friend–also missing Lisa terribly–told me that Georgia, Lisa’s sister, now lives in New England where she blogs about baking. But again, her blog is not just about baking. She is a wonderful writer, and she eloquently describes how the aromas and the flavors of baking evoke emotions and memories of her childhood, her mother and her family.

Meanwhile, a very dear friend whom I met quite recently suggested that I might like a blog called Seaweed Snacks. It’s author, Jessica Flanigan, is a nutritionist (and a one-time Chicagoan) who blogs about food from her home in California. She also does some catering, and runs a food share, and a local food swap. Jessica writes about cooking for herself and her daughter, and the foods that they love. But she also writes about how she is putting the pieces of her life back together after a divorce. Her stories can be painful at times, but in the end the reader is left thinking about how resilient we humans can be. Readers comment that they come to Seaweed Snacks for the life lessons as much as they do for the recipes.

If any of you men think that these blogs might put you more in touch with your feminine side, well, I’ll tell you that they just might. And if you are worried about that, well, I’ll just tell you to get over it.  At Cheese and Cheers I’m  more likely to offer obscure references to new jazz players or old punk bands than I am to talk about my personal life, but many of you know that I have gone through some gut-wrenching life changes in recent years. I have a lot of friends and my siblings to thank for helping me through it. Now that I am happily adjusting to my new life and the freedom that comes with it, I hope that by sharing the thoughts of these two very thoughtful ladies, I might be giving something back to that spirit of humanity. Just don’t forget about the recipes.



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