Solera Barrel has Been Filled

David | Blog | June, 27 2012 | No Comment

A couple weeks back I told readers about the solera project that a group of us Chicago-area homebrewers have become involved in.

Moving the barrel from the cleaning station to the basement.

Well now I can report that the beer is in the solera. On Sunday we met at the home of chief instigator Brian Buckman in the Avondale neighborhood.  Seven batches of beer based on an Old Bruin recipe developed by Michael Mulryan were transferred into the barrel—a barrel that once housed Heaven Hill Bourbon and then Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout.

After adding the 45 gallons or so of homebrewed beer, we reintroduced the yeasty dregs from the Bourbon County Stout residence. One more batch was introduced on Monday, and the barrel is now filled to the top.

Michael has acquired a menagerie of extracurricular microbes with will soon be pitched as well.  In a year or so we will start drawing from, and topping off the barrel. This is the procedure that defines the solera process. The beer inside will continue to evolve and will be continually blended as fresh beer is introduced. We will keep you informed.

Beer going from keg to barrel.

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