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Let's Meet Époisses

Let’s Meet Époisses

David | Blog | June, 27 2011 | No Comment

Among the more distinctive cheeses from France is Époisses (ay-pwahss), also known as Époisses de Bourgogne. This is a very nice stinky cheese, with the characteristic rusty exterior, and soft ivory to butter-colored paste, brimming with flavor. Époisses has a bit in common with the Belgian beer style Wit (or White, Witbier) in that it [...]

The Latin Side of Randy Mosher

The Latin Side of Randy Mosher

David | Blog | June, 09 2011 | No Comment

Apologies to Conrad Herwig for the headline. There are a handful of people instrumental in the growth of American craft beer who have never brewed professionally. They engage in other industry activities (writing, teaching, or organizing) and they may be very accomplished home brewers, but for one reason or another have avoided the regular gig [...]

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