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That good old bier

That good old bier

David | Blog | January, 28 2011 | No Comment

The latest in the ongoing series I Never Met a Beer/Cheese I Didn’t Like.   Altbier or alt, is a German style that sits happily somewhere between an ale and a lager.  The word alt translates roughly to old, and in German beer culture that also means ale—the family of beers that chronologically preceded lagers.  Altbier is [...]

Welcome Firestone Walker

Welcome Firestone Walker

David | Blog | January, 20 2011 | No Comment

Chicago beer drinkers may have never had it so good. Three or four new local breweries have opened in the last couple of years, while extra-regional breweries are finding distributors here who can get their beers in front of the hop-thirsty masses.  And now the two are happening together.  In a couple of hours, Firestone [...]

We're Talkin' Taleggio!

We’re Talkin’ Taleggio!

David | Blog | January, 18 2011 | No Comment

For this installment in the I Never Met A Cheese I Didn’t Like series we visit Italy to meet Taleggio. The name Taleggio has been in use since before the 10th century in the caves of Val Taleggio, a tiny village at the base of the central Italian Alps. It might be the granddaddy of soft, [...]

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