Back from near oblivian

David | Blog | October, 19 2010 | 1 Comment

An apology and explanation are in order for the folks who follow the Cheese and Cheers blog. I’ve gone missing from the site for about three weeks, and not by choice, mind you.  On the first Sunday of October I moved the res, and subsequently the Cheese and Cheers office, back to Chicago from a contiguous suburb. This led to Internet connection problems, a Denver boot, disarray and malaise, more Internet connection problems, and a brand new laptop. 

Yours truly at the new (and still in the raw) work station.

All very exciting of course, but I am pleased to report that the thrill ride has just about ended, and things are getting back toward normal on my end. So, thanks for your patience. A real post is in the works.  Look for it by Thursday or Friday.

ALSO, for Chicagoans, I have an item for your calendar. The next Cheese and Cheers live event will be held Wed. Nov. 10, at Rock Bottom Chicago, in conjunction with the Association of Beer Vixens. Hope to see ya there.  Cheers!

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  1. Great…

    love your blog, ,Thanks again….

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