Ever meet a Shropshire?

David | Blog | June, 21 2010 | No Comment

What we have today is the kickoff of an occasional series we might call “I Have Never Met a Cheese(Beer) I Didn’t Like.” These will be quick, descriptions of a wide range of cheese and beer styles.

The first is Shropshire Blue, a cheese from the UK, that is closely aligned with Stilton.

Cowgirl Creamery’s Library of Cheese describes the Shropshire from Colston Bassett:

Shropshire Blue, also known as “orange Stilton,” is a slightly milder version of the original Blue Stilton. The annatto – a natural food dye that comes from the tropical

achiote tree – reacts with the curd by softening it slightly and making it creamier in

texture than the Blue version. The cheese has a natural rind and the 17 lb wheels are aged 12 to 18 weeks.  

I’d pair this with a Fullers, or Meantime, IPA .

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