What a Dinner!

David | Blog | May, 19 2010 | No Comment

I have had frozen beer-sicles before, but last night I ate a hop-citrus gelatin for the first time, and I think it was the most direct food expression of  beer that I’ve ever tasted. Part of a trio of desserts served at the Symposium Ale Dinner, the hop-Jello tasted exactly like a gelatinous West Coast pale ale.

The place was Marion Street Cheese Market in Oak Park, and about 30 people enjoyed an outstanding five course dinner, and learned a bit about how the Symposium Ale was created. Several brewers from the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild were in attendance, and they presented a video from Hop Cast expounding on the Heartwood beer and documenting some of the brewing and blending that went into it. The dinner included a beautiful 3-cheese plate matched with a barley wine, a deep fired slice of pork belly with the most amazing cheese grits I’ve ever tasted, and several beers reflecting the styles that were blended to create the Symposium Ale. The finished, blended beer was served with the desserts. The Marion Street staff did a bang up job once again.

Attendees at Tuesday's Symposium Ale Dinner enjoyed a film about the beer while enjoying the beer.

Tonight I hope to actually cross the city line and celebrate Chicago Craft Beer Week at the Map Room with my hombres from the Chicago Beer Society. There are a bunch of great events again tonight–I’m counting 18 on the schedule right now–so go out and drink some craft beer tonight in the city or the suburbs.

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